Galveston H3 Hash Trash

  1. 05/12/01 Inaugural Hash #1 Laid by Sleds and Turds - Galveston (Kroger)
    Auto laid and with little flour but, we all loved popping that cherry.
  2. 06/16/01 Puppy Prick - Galveston (Rosenburg Library)
    The Face, The Strand and ending on the Beach.
  3. 07/07/01 Hooter Bill- League City
    "Everything pink tasts better" Rain Bitch.
  4. 08/27/01 Dick The Boy Wonder Galveston (Pub Crawl)
    Leg one of the Pre-Lewd bus trip
  5. 09/08/01 Gulp - Galveston
  6. 10/20/01 Puppy Prick - La Marque
    Dog Track, running through the bulls, & swamp of trees
  7. 11/17/01 Grind Slut - High Island
    Mad Cow Jumped over the Moon Hash Campout, Shiggy, Keg, Meteor Shower, bon fire, beach
  8. 12/29/01 Sleds and Turds - Webster
    The Police stopping the hare


  9. 01/26/02 Hooter Bill & Token Choken Poken - Friendswood
    The day after. The little fountain in the circle.
  10. 02/02/02 Cummie Bear - Tiki Island
    Cummi Bear's historical causeway run,Under the bridge and across the red brick road
  11. 03/09/02 Bare Ass-Burn - Galveston (Community Center)
    farewell hash/Pub Crawl, Hot apple pies in rail cars.
  12. 04/27/02 Sleds and Turds-Dickinson
    Hounds like duck too
  13. 05/18/02 Hooter Bill-Galveston (Nort of Causeway)
    Backwards trail, hound bites rat/rate bites hound
  14. 06/22/02 Pimp Doggie Dawg - League City
    shiggy, shiggy and a 50 foot swim.
  15. 07/20/02 Puppy Prick - Galveston (West Seawall)
    Sea-Arama, beach, margarita machine, campout, park rangers
  16. 08/24/02 Pimp Doggie Dawg - Seabrook
    Shiggy, GARGANTUAN SPIDERS, Mud, Shiggy, more MUD.
  17. 09/28/02 Pound Puppy, Roll Model - Arcola
    Confusing, psychotic, and WAY out of Galveston.
  18. 10/20/02 Hooter Bill - Houston
    Joint Hash with Houston
  19. 11/30/02 Puppy Prick - Galveston (South of Causway)
    Short, beach, bonfire, sexcomber, dismembered body.
  20. 12/28/02 Hooter Bill - Houston
    New boot. Fighting cocks. Free barbeque


  21. 01/25/03 Grid Slut and Sex Comber - La Marque -
    Cold, Wet, and Delicious, with a virgin hare!!
  22. 02/22/03 Sex Comber and Rain Bitch- Galveston (Rain Forest Cafe) -
    1st Annual Mardi Gras Hash.
  23. 03/15/03 Pearl Necklace and Pimp Doggie Dawg - Seabrook
    Virgin hare, Ass Grabber's Shrimp, the hare following Geek.
  24. 04/26/03 Roll Model and Shot in the Mouth - La Marque
    Pavement, a spec of flour, hares on ice and lots o virgins!
  25. 05/31/03 Puppy Prick - Bayou Vista
    Thorns from hell, Marsh, long fucking backcheck and private island ending!
  26. 06/21/03 Grind Slut - Seabrook
    Shiggy, St.Arnold's,Small pavilion over the water, Miss Wharf Rat Contest, definitly a deck with a view! And a great Shrimp boil from AssGrabber.
  27. 07/19/03 Pearl Necklace and Ass Grabber - San Leon
    Cat Sticky Snatch and the meeting of Peral Necklace's relatives. They drew a diagram of her family tree for illistation, but everyone agreed it looked just more like a stick than a tree.
  28. 08/23/03 ???????? GH3 & Crab Hash,
    All I know is Crabs, nudity and Dick the Boy Wonder.
  29. 09/20/03 Chicken Choker Daa Da Daa Daa - LA Marque
    Rain, Rain and more Rain, but not durring trail. Carnival rides for everyone and a check that left the walkers stranded until graciously picked up by the hares.
  30. 10/18/03 Puppy Prick - Jack Brooks Park/LA Marque Family hash by day and Galveston hash by afternoon. Great woods, long back checks through meandering swamps and just 5 min between FRB and DFL.

  31. 11/29/03 Pimp Doggie Dawg - TRI-COUNTY Hash (HArris/Brazoria/Galveston). Lots of woods, creeks and a trail that crossed into 3 different counties.

  32. 12/27/03 Butt Pirate (Arrgggg) Clear Lake. Well I know absolutely nothing about this trail so I will guess. I suppose that Butt Pirate laid a great trail that seperated the pack so he could take "advantage" of each hasher during trail.