CummiBear laid a challenging trail. Two ducks stood guard at the start.
Eight of us gathered for the run, which got going precisely at 3:30 PM.
Starting from Fat Boys Fishing Paradise under the bridge at Tiki Island, the
trail led us over railroad tracks to a check. Trail was found into a marsh,
but the thoughtfully laid trail kept our feet dry, if you tried. In fact, it
threaded through wetlands along the tracks as the trail turned back towards
Galveston. At what turned out to be the apex, I ventured out onto the old
Galveston causeway, paved with red bricks. No flour. Turning back towards
Houston, I finally found trail hidden under the bridge near the start, and I
was then heading again back towards Galveston, but on the other side of Gulf
Freeway. Everyone had been out of sight since the apex. Except for a small
arrow pointing towards Mecca, I saw no more flour until I stumbled upon "B
N" and ran under the bridge to the end on the bay. It turns out the end was
near the apex, and the hare (and the pack) had been there all the time
laughing at me. My running time, 55 minutes. The pack's running time, 30

Quality circle was led by Sleds and Turds, punctuated by hash songs with the
help of crib sheets he recently downloaded from the web.

Discoveries: Virginia Station. Campbell's Bayou.
Texas is a Whole Other Country. Galveston is a Magic Isle.

Cummi Bear - Hare
Puppy Prick
Camel Breath
Rain Bitch
Sleds and Turds
Hooter Bill, your scribe