Galveston H3
Hash Trash Run #2
Told by Rain Bitch
June 16, 2001

It was a beautiful, albeit HOT day in Galveston when a motley pack of eight Houston hashers descended on Galveston at the Rosenberg Library. PUPPY PRICK had brought TWO, count `em, TWO coolers of beer for the hash. The pack rejoiced in the generosity of the hare by sampling the beer before the run to ensure that it was cold enough, and to cool down before we took off on the run.

Being hashers, and given that we had already started on the beer, one by one we visited the Rosenberg Library to take advantage of their facilities. RAIN BITCH was dressed rather sparingly and got some long, hard looks by the security guard who, given by the intent of the looks, wanted to give RB something else long and hard. In his dreams. . . .

SLEDS AND TURDS was very efficient as he took our money and updated his hashlist of information on us.

BARE ASS BURNS and ASS GRABBER showed up with bikes in tow (was this going to be a bike hash?). BAB gets out of the truck wearing S & T's hat that he lost at the last Galveston H3 hash, hoping he'd realize she was wearing it. Well, S & T must have been gazing elsewhere on BAB, because he never saw his hat, even after she started giving him hints by talking about the hat and pulling on the hat. S & T got a down-down for that one later.

When it looked like we had enough hashers, the pack took off running and blowing their whistles. PUPPY PRICK had laid a great trail, with lots of twists and turns throughout downtown Galveston. We ran down The Strand, where we amused several tourists, ran by the gambling boat, then through a very nasty neighborhood with mean, ugly dogs! Oh wait, those were the inhabitants of the neighborhood! S & T and RB barely escaped this one dog trying to have us for lunch. After that, we needed a beer! And wouldn't you know it, right around the side of this big dirt pile across the street at the docks, a beer check! Thanks to the hare!

Everyone was keeping together for the most part, and showed up at the beer check within 2 or 3 minutes of each other. That is, everyone but STINKY. RB became concerned since we had just left the Nasty Dog Neighborhood, and borrowed BAB's bike to go look for him. No STINKY. Oh, well, back to the beer! PUPPY PRICK had promised us an apparition, and he delivered! Across the inlet of the bay was a UTMB hospital building with what looked like a face in the shadows of the stucco on the side of the building. No, it wasn't Jesus, it was someone else! Actually, "The Face" looked like RIFF RAFF, a Houston hasher that owns Live Bait Bar. Or maybe I thought it looked like Riff Raff because I had just been over at his bar earlier. Anyway, it was kinda spooky seeing "The Face"

The pack took off, with several hashers ranging. GRIND SLUT decided to parallel the pack, with RB following. We met up with the pack at the baseball diamond, and ran around the bases of the Pee Wee League baseball diamond. By pure coincidence, PEE WEE was running with me at this point. Go figure the karma on that one. . .

We finally ended up at this deserted beach that I would like to rename Mosquito Beach since we had to fight the mosquitoes away from our food and beer! The case of the missing STINKY was finally resolved; he passed up the beer check thinking it was just a circle jerk set by the hare.

About 30 minutes after the pack came in, HOOTER BILL comes running in. It seems that Houston traffic slowed him down a great deal, and he got to Rosenberg Library after the pack, and PUPPY PRICK had taken off. You gotta hand it to him; he found trail, and solved all the checks by himself! Good going, Hooter!

Before we started the circle, a beautiful blonde woman named Crystal walked by, and hashers being who they are, the guys invited her to come have a beer with us. At the sound of "beer", her ears perked up, and she just about did a U-turn to have a beer!

While doing the circle, some Aussies walked by, figured out we were hashers, so we invited them into the circle. They sang some lame song, and promptly left. That's good! No lame songs! Then some Beach Patrol cops came by to see what we were doing, and PUPPY PRICK talked to them. While he was schmoozing them, we amused ourselves by singing songs like, "the S & M Man", "Gang Bang", and "the Sexual Life of A Camel". Nice songs to sing while the cops are within earshot! Turned out the Beach Patrol figured out we were hashers, but couldn't join us because they were working. Good schmoozing the local constabulary PUPPY PRICK!