DATE: May 12 Two Thousand and One
Galveston Hash Number: 1
Location: 57th street and Seawall Blvd, Galveston Tx.
Hare: Sleds and Turds

There we were. Palm trees swaying, the surf crashing upon the seawall, and the sun tempting to turn Hooter Bill's
milky white breasts into copper toned globes fit for Baywatch. A psychotic hasher by the name of Sleds and
Turds formally of the Okinawa, Japan hash and most recently the Houston Hash, had gathered us for the first
running of the Galveston Hash House Harriers. With a small contingency of new-boots from the Lake Jackson
area?, slowly a good batch of Houston hashers arrived in the Kroger parking lot on the Galveston seawall. Some
ran for Krogers to buy beer, and others were calculating that trail could not possibly go Southeast, or could it?

Finally the hare/founder gathered the hashers for chalk talk, only to be rudely disturbed by fast cars, wild
women and Putrified Penis. As soon as Putrified, shut off his car and joined the group we continued with chalk
talk. HHHMmnnn what were these new markings?? Ok I have seen them at other hashes so they were just new
to my way of hashing in Houston (But we're not in Houston any more are we). There was an arrow with three
lines on the back (meaning you are on true trail) , and a "BT" (meaning Bad Trail or false trail). And we were off.
We headed north up 57th street until we came to an open field on our right where we ticked off a golfer who
was trying to practice his chip shots. I headed north and through a bit of a neighborhood scouting for trail only
to find none. I came back through Crocket park to find the pack wandering around looking for trail. There was
apparently a marking that said "Slide" so several us went and checked out the slide, but still no trail. After about
5 minutes or so ON ON was heard to the west and off we went. Trail was picked back up and through the streets
we once again went. We came across one of those arrows with three lines I mentioned earlier so we knew we were
going in the right direction. We lost trail again but discovered remnants of flour in the cracks of the road (hhmm
mnnn looked like auto trail laying to me). Hey on! On! again until 61st street. This is where it turned ugly.

Some went south to find a bad trail (false) others headed north, and more of us went straight. No trail, we checked the side streets, no trail. We asked the little Hispanic kids, still no trail. We went back to the intersection at 61st street, then headed back out in all directions only to return again. Finally a few people realized Krogers was only of a mile away so off they went. I followed Ass grabber (who had been carrying a Hash House Harriers flag the entire way), prickly bush and Blue balls I think back to the west. But we still didn't find trail until about mile and down a side street. Back on trail again!!!! But by this time much of the pack had already departed for Krogers. So on we went, through another park and finally lots of flour. One more jog to the north and BEER NEAR!!! At the end of a meager little dead end road we came to a house with munchies and beer. Prickly bush was patting herself on the back for being an FRB. I believe my mileage was 4.4 miles (map can be found under files at Yahoogroups).

And we drank, and drank, and drank until finally hashers arrived by car and foot. Eventually after giving up on Putrified we started the circle. Sleds and Turds was ready with all sorts of knowledge about the beginnings of hashing, history and his grand visions for the Galveston Hash House Harriers. But his visions were soon pounced upon as Heartache took over
the circle and put sleds and turds in his place like a virgin cream puff in San Quintin. Sleds and Turds was striped of his shorts and down he went onto the ice (mostly for lack of flour on trail). Heartache introduced the Founder and RA of the Galveston Hash, Sleds and Turds, just prior to Sleds getting a 30 pound bag of flour poured on his head by a mysterious hasher. As Sleds and Turds sat in the middle of this dead-end street sitting on ice and surrounded by white powder, Heartache began instructing the masses onthe beginings of the hash. There was some debate as to the correct dates and such but after an hour he finally set the record partly straight. Once Heartache finished, Rain Bitch was brought in as temp RA since the current RA was still sitting on the ice and playing in the flour. Rain Bitch took control and went through all the motions of welcoming all of the visitors which was everyone, new boots, etc. Beer was drunk, and the hounds were happy. We had the first naming. Since I wasn't at the campout I don't remember her name but she was the hostess. Her husband had been named Adolf of her bush at the Houston campout and we came to a quick decision after hearing a story about a little knitted sock thingy that she won and named her Penis Warmer. Ahhhh and the Galveston hash lives. We drank our beer, putrified never showed and after the circle was gone we headed to the on on on.

The on on on was at Diggy's on the strand. It was a nice little bar with big tables and a bitchy woman who interupted a hash song to start the karyoke night. So the hash sang kayaoke. The harriets sang, Sleds and turds did a few solos and there was beer and life was good. Oh yea and it was finally discovered that Putrified had run back to his car after losing
trail, drove to port boliver and passed out in a beach house they had planned on going to later, leaving the three bimbos he had brought with us. Yes life was good .

All in all I think the hash went well. A new place, a new city, and a clean
slate in which to draw many more hashes from. And they Drank and Life was

On On!!!
Puppy Prick