We had 13 hashers at Galveston run # 9 at Friendswood for a
short and scenic run of half an hour in the wooded pathways up and down
Clear Creek. Stinky and Rain Bitch called it a cute little run. Puppy Prick
led the circle. Cummi Bear volunteered to be the hare for the next available
month (Sat Feb 2 ? or is Sleds haring one on Feb 2 at Galveston?)

Hooter Bill and
Choken Token Poken, Hares.

Ginger Beer
Pimp Doggie Dog
Puppy Prick
Camel's Breath (visiting)
Womb Service
Little Pussy
Paddy Wanker
Cummy Bear
Rain Bitch
Hind Legs
Chicken Choker