Galveston Hash House Harriers

Run #8

December 29, 2001

Bay Area Boulevard Area



STINKY and I were sure we'd missed the start of the run because we couldn't find Comp USA in time for what we thought was a 2:30 p.m. start.  Just as we were about to give up and return home, we finally saw the Comp USA at the mall right off of I-45.


As we pulled up, we see several hounds, such as PUTREFIED PENIS, and his lovely bride-to-be, TOKEN CHOKEN POKEN, LETCH, and GRIND SLUT, waiting near the cars.  Great!  We hadn't missed the start of the run!  HOOTER BILL was even there before us!  As it turned out, several people had trouble finding Comp USA, and the hare, SLEDS AND TURDS, had just left.  Alright!  A live hare run!


We gave him the full 15 minutes, then we took off over the Bay Area Boulevard overpass.  PUPPY PRICK found a U.S. flag floundering in the gutter, so he did the honorable thing, and put it back to a more revered place of glory, a flower bed.  We continued down Bay Area Boulevard, and ended up behind a mall.  Great!  Some shiggy must be on the way!  We went through some tall grasses, climbed over a little hill, then eventually ended up on Bay Area Boulevard again.  At an apartment complex, we turned down a street, and into a neighborhood.  At a check, we see some beautiful woods to the left.  Several people, including HOOTER BILL and PUPPY PRICK, went into the woods, longing for some shiggy.  Alas, their dreams were not to be realized.  Trail continued down the street, with the closest resemblance of shiggy to be running along a drainage canal.


Trail ended in a park just off Bay Area Boulevard and Fife Street (no doubt named for that great American Hero, Barney Fife).  SLEDS AND TURDS had Busch beer for all of us, and LETCH recalled his days working for Anheuser-Busch cleaning out brewing vats, wherein the Busch beer vats were covered in nothing but foam.  Alas, maybe aging with beech wood chips would have done the beer some good.


We started the circle with PUPPY PRICK handing over to SLEDS AND TURDS the new GH3 Hashit, a large plunger with a Plexiglas handle.  I remarked on how I liked the ridges near the end, but enough about fantasies with plumbing materials.  I ultimately ended up with the Hashit, to bring to the next run to give to some unsuspecting hound.  SLEDS AND TURDS also gave out awards for the best of the year.  GRIND SLUT received Run of the Year, for the 8 1/2 mile trek through the woods on High Island where GASLIGHT frolicked with cattle and an alligator almost joined the pack, GULP won best Beer Check for running the pack by a guy just trying to kill a keg from a party the night before, PUPPY PRICK won for best On On, and I won for just trying to make it to the runs (see above reference to bad directions to Comp USA).


The circle was short and sweet, but with a few Christmas hash songs by GRIND SLUT and me, and the January run will be hosted by HOOTER BILL, because as LETCH put it rather succinctly, he is January!