Galveston Hash # 6

Hare -Puppy Prick


            It was obvious from the very beginning that the thoughtful hare had gone out of his way to make sure that the select few hounds in attendance enjoyed the day's festivities. Every detail had been taken into consideration and a solution found for every potential problem. The weather was fantastic, the shiggy outstanding, the trail well laid, the food tasty and the circle was a blast. It should also be noted that the recruitment of several drunken strippers from across the street was a nice touch. Finally and most importantly hooter bill arriving unreasonably late was left behind at the start. All in all the best Galveston hash and possibly the best hash I have been on all year.


            As we left the start and headed toward the shiggy some wondered aloud if hooter would be able to solve trail alone. However, Heartache summed up the feelings of the entire pack, "FUCK HIM, HE'S AN HOUR LATE"! The trial headed from the parking lot across a cow pasture in the general direction of some woods. We went first left then right and some went left again but generally we all went in the wrong direction. A couple false trails, some nasty briars, and one unfortunately positioned piece of cow shit latter we found trail going through a small stand of trees.


Eventually Eat Tail led us across a road and into a large open field which was doing its best imitation of a small pond. A brief search resulted in Blue Balls and Stinky finding trail heading across the service road towards the West Side of I-45. As we came out from under the overpass we saw the hare trying to bugger a statue of a cow. Seeing us approach he quickly released his unwitting victim and snapped a few pictures.


Trail continued into the shiggy on the other side of I-45 heading in the general direction of the dog track. The pack zigged and zagged, through a bevy of false trails, two back checks, and a blow job. The shiggy was thick but the briars were kept to a minimum so the hashing was excellent.


We left the shiggy at a check near the dog track and everyone began to check in a different direction. After about ten minutes Stinky returned to the check to determine how far away everyone had gotten. Seeing only two or three hounds within a half a mile of the check he looked down at his feet and discovered a chalk mark. This was not all bad because Heartache was one of the farthest away.


The pack now turned towards the last and best part of the trail. We ran about half a mile down an easement and came to a turkey and eagle split. With one or two exceptions we headed into the eagle trail. The shiggy was head high, as thick as I have ever seen and had been laid in flour. It was difficult but not impossible. There were only a few briars and the trail was still easy to follow. We slogged through this shiggy field for about ten minutes, completely blinded by the shiggy and sinking ever deeper into the muck. The pack eventually found trail off a check that led to a main road. As we ran down this road a short way we found trail and spotted Puppy's truck in the back of a large field. We were on in from there. EXCELLENT TRAIL!!!


The circle featured some sort of down downs for everyone and a lot of energetic singing. Although it lasted a long time you really didn't notice because it was that much fun. The beer was cold and the sausage that the hare provided was tasty.

The ON-ON-ON was held a fine local icehouse with a very unique clientele. We seemed to fit in fine. Dick The Boy Wonders bunny mask and Tie Dye coat overcame any lingering red neck resentment. The highlight although was the appearance of several working girls from a local strip bar. I thought it would kill Hooter but there are worse ways to go. A job well done Puppy. Thank You Very Much!!!


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