Hooter Bill's Account of #5:

Yup, that's the way it was but Gulp had already done 'em all by the time I got to the on on. I was talking to Heartache and others last night at Live Bait/The Boat Yard about doing a write up of Gulp's Galveston run of Sep 8.

 I started about two hours late and ran into strange markings that looked like the mark of Zorro and lost trail. From the start, on 61st street a block from  I-45, the trail went through the parking lot of the motel on I-45 and then under I-45 at 61st street and along the feeder and into a big field and then along railway tracks with wetlands on either side to the mark of Zorro where I lost trail. So, I returned to the start, after running about 30 minutes, and looked at the map.

The ending was at Gulp's house, so I drove there and we circled up in her back yard. Everyone had only recently finished the run. There were about ten or twelve of us, including her two new-boot co-hares, named, I think, Bob and Mark? Visitors included SCB of Melbourne and Ginger Beer of Melbourne, both also running with Houston presently. Others there as I recall included Heartache, Grind Slut, Sleds and Turds, who led the circle. Who else? GRIND SLUT & HEARTACHE, CAN YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS? The on on on was down on the Strand at the place with the lady who does Karaoke, but I went across the street to an art gallery opening and drank free for half an hour looking at pictures. When I came back across the street, I saw Sleds and Turds but no one else, so I drove back to Houston. Later, Grind said he had stopped in and saw no one and drove home also. It should be noted that Gulp is a member of the United States Coast Guard. Hooter Bill.