August 27, 2001

Hares:  Dick the Boy Wonder, Sleds & Turds


Greetings fellow Hashers!  Time for Mr. Turds to take you on a short yet fun journey…


The evening saw nasty rain all day, but the Beer Gods were with us that evening, when the skies parted, and the 15 hashers we had (to include some great out of town hashers) we left the Poop Deck.  Some of the hashers were expecting a Pub Crawl, others a normal hash.  Dick was off, leading the pack in a big Sphincter loop back to the poop deck.  The map on the wall let the pack know to drive to the China Border on 61st.  Well, due to a few drunks at the Poop Deck, some of the hashers made it to a different bar, and were happily drinking when Dick retrieved them.  Anyway, the trail led us to the back yard of the Islander Bar on the Highway, where the On-On-On ended, with a bar tab and pitchers a-plenty, and Karaoke galore.  All in All, the first stop on the Bus trip to InterAmerica’s Hash 2001 in Austin went beautifully.


So there you have it…..

Wet dreams and Miller Lite Wishes……

On ON.  Mr. Turds